I just finished a fairly extensive website and maintenance project for one of my neighbors. Her website hadn’t been touched by a developer in over 4 years, and hadn’t even received WordPress core updates. The first thing I did was update the WordPress core, which of course then broke half the functionality of the original site. I migrated to an updated version of WooThemes Canvas, but WooThemes no longer supports the portfolio functionality and prefers to use a new function called projects instead. Unfortunately the portfolio to projects migration tool destroyed all the data custom attached to the projects! After a day of wrestling with code and plugins and no way to get the layout of the projects back to the way it was before, it became clear what I had to do.

I figured out how to restore a backup of the original site on a XAMPP Localhost, which is always a nice trick to work on sites offline. Then I very carefully updated pieces and components of the site to make it mobile optimized and compatible with the newest version of WordPress without touching that old, sensitive projects code that the original developer had created. This involved creating my own child theme, with carefully selected script from the old theme as well as pulling some CSS using Chrome developer tools. Finally, I was able to deliver the finished product, mobile optimized, new security, and even an additional projects page added with some JavaScript magic. Check it out here: