Recent Projects

Colorado Rides and Guides

I’ve been rebuilding a network of sites for Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides. They’re currently up on temporary domains as they’re still in progress. Their main site and one of the additional sites can be found here and at hardasnailsobstaclemudrace.com. I’m the main developer modifying the Jumpstart 2 WordPress theme to the client’s liking using HTML and CSS. I’ve also integrated and done new styling on an Ubermenu plugin for the main site to handle a substantially larger number of menu items. I’ve also been heavily involved in the flow of the pages, server migrations, and handle any tricky code questions. There is another developer doing additional design and filling in content for events.


I’ve been helping Emagispace with a redesign of their home page, as well as adding and removing new content from the website. The site was originally running Genesis theme, but I successfully migrated the site to Jumpstart 2 to take advantage of Jumpstart 2’s easier to use page layout tools, especially if non-developers eventually plan to edit content. I currently have their site up on a test server at emagispace.tdamon.com. One of the challenges of this site was in the way the background changes on the transition to mobile to highlight the customer’s product, movable walls.

Sandy Brown ASLA

This site was a project where the client needed to figure out how to add additional portfolio pages and projects, as well as update a few areas of the site. The canvas theme the site was running on had been updated, and the existing portfolio functions deprecated, so upgrading components of the site had to be done very carefully. I was able to successfully update the core theme and WordPress core, while maintaining the existing portfolio structures, and add a number of recent projects to the site. This site can be found here at sandybrown-asla.com.